Subsequent snails (more molluscs?)

It has very recently come to my attention that there is another species of land snail that I need to add to my quest, so I am now aiming to see the grand total of 115 species during 2015. I already had eleven hothouse alien species on my list, but now, I have been informed, there is a twelfth: Allopeas gracile.

As of yet, I’m not even sure where this species has been recorded from. That’s not particularly surprising as I have yet to get solid information on a few of the greenhouse exotics. In fact, here is my current hothouse list below and the sites in which I think they occur:

Zonitoides arboreus – I’ve heard that this species has been found in the Cambridge Botanic Gardens as well as a garden centre in Oxfordshire. Possibly in Kew Gardens?

Helicodiscus parallelus – From looking on NBN, it looks as though this has been found in the Cambridge Botanic Gardens. That’s the only dot on the map and the only bit of information I have. If any readers have any more details, please let me know!

Pleurodiscus balmei – Apparently found in Glasgow Botanic Gardens. Additionally, seems to show a dot on Kew Gardens. Any more information would be much appreciated.

Gulella io – Kew Gardens and the Cambridge Botanic Gardens.

Hawaiia minuscula – There is a dot on NBN for Cambridge Botanic Gardens, and one that appears to be in Nottingham. That’s all I know.

Kaliella barrackporensis – This species doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page to link to, and I can’t find it on NBN. My beautiful ‘Illustrated Guide’, however, says ‘We also include… Kaliella barrackporensis, which was recently found living in the Tropical Biome of the Eden Project in Cornwall’.

Rumina decollata – Apparently found, or was found, in Caerphilly Garden Centre, South Wales. There is also a dot on NBN for Kew Gardens.

Subulina striatella – Apparently has been found at Kew and the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. Mark Telfer has mentioned the Eden Project as another site

Subulina octona – Cambridge Botanic Gardens, Kew Gardens and the Eden Project.

Opeas hannense – NBN has a dot for Kew and there are scattered dots elsewhere.

Allopeas clavulinum – There are no dots on NBN and I can’t find any references to where it occurs in the UK. All I have to go on is my illustrated guide which has a picture of it, thus tacitly stating that it can indeed be found.

Allopeas gracile – Doesn’t appear on NBN, but I have found a reference to it being recorded at the Cambridge Botanic Gardens in 2011.

If readers know more about any of these species  then please either comment below or contact me on Twitter @UKSnailTrail

One thought on “Subsequent snails (more molluscs?)

  1. There’s some extra information on some of these species in Kerney and Cameron (the Collins guide). Also, they mention Opeas pumilum (Pfeiffer, 1840) but I guess that is included in your list under another name.


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